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The Great Realization

As it was in the beginning, so it is now and ever shall be. There is but One Infinite Mind in all the Universe and we are all individualized manifestations of It, therefore we are essentially all One Being, One Life, now and forever more. All is Infinite Mind and Its Infinite Manifestation, for God is All in All, and Love is the Eternal Reality of Life and of our Being.

Just as an ocean wave is an expression of the ocean and is part of it, so are we expressions of the Universal Intelligence and part of It, and it is this realization of our oneness with all people and the interconnectedness of all life that sets us free and empowers us, and will eventually bring peace and harmony to this planet.

Nature is a Living Intelligence in which we live and move and have our being, and which responds to us in direct proportion to our realization of our true relation to It. This explains why there is so much seeming discord and inharmony in the world today. In the same way that our own individual subconscious minds reflect our personal beliefs and expectations back to us in the form of our day to day experiences, so does the Universal Mind reflect back the beliefs and expectations of the human race as a whole, and this is what we term "reality." This so-called reality is but a reflection of the combined beliefs of everyone who has ever lived on this planet and who is presently living on it, and as for the most part people's minds are troubled and in a state of uncertainty, discord, and inharmony, so we live in an inharmonious and uncertain world full of troubles.

Happily, as the race as a whole begins to awaken to the true Reality of being, and our true relation to the Universal Mind, to each other, and to Nature as a whole, the world as we know it will gradually change for the better to reflect our changed beliefs. Wars will cease, civil unrest will become a thing of the past, and even the weather conditions will improve. There will be no more earth quakes, tsunamis, erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and the like, and the ferocious elements in the animal kingdom will disappear...

The wolf will live with the lamb,
the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
and a little child will lead them.

The cow will feed with the bear,
their young will lie down together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox.

The infant will play near the hole of the cobra,
and the young child put his hand into the viper's nest.

They will neither harm nor destroy
on all my holy mountain,
for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD
as the waters cover the sea.
(Isaiah 11:6-9)

The seeming harmful and destructive elements in the natural world are but outpicturings of the general state of discord, inharmony and unrest of the race mind at present, and the mortal, animal-nature inherent in evolving man. Collectively, as a race, we live in a world the conditions of which reflect our combined beliefs, expectations, understanding and actions, and as we become more in peace and harmony with each other and with Nature, and come into awareness and full realization of our relation to the Universal Mind of Nature, so Nature will reflect back to us a world with harmonious living conditions for all.

You can begin to become aware of your true Self today, and through this realization start to enjoy a more peaceful, harmonious and prosperous existence. Click here now to download the free REALIZATION audio/ebook.

An Exercise in Realization

The following exercise will help to heighten your awareness and enable you to come into a clearer realization of your oneness with everything around you.

Watch and listen to the video a couple of times and then set the volume to a fairly low level using your computer's sound control. Relax into an easy chair or lay on your bed and close your eyes. As the music plays imagine the beautiful pictures of Nature that appear on the video - the tranquil, still waters, the rain drop covered leaves and beautiful flowers, the majestic mountain and iceberg, the beautiful fish, insects and animals, the awe inspiring rainbow, stars and planets. Realize that all these natural wonders of our world were imagined, conceived and brought into being by the same Infinite Intelligence that brought you into being and which you are such an important part of.

The green background wallpaper of our website symbolizes the Love that is all around us just as Nature is. Love is the greatest thing in the world. We are created by Love for Love. As the music softly plays imagine yourself living and moving and having your being in this Infinite ocean of pure Love. Feel a profound sense of gratitude for all that Love has brought you up to now. Fill your heart with love for your parents for bringing you into the world, for your brothers and sisters, friends and acquaintances, for enjoyable times shared. Feel love for the world as a whole and all its inhabitants. Realize that we are all a part of each other and that the brotherhood of man will become a reality some time in the future through this realization.

Imagine with your mind's eye the thing you would like to attract into your life the most. Picture it as clearly as you can, and try to imagine how you would feel if this desire had already manifested in your life. Imagine walking around your brand new house, if that's what you desire the most, or driving that new car, or sailing in your new yacht, or dining and dancing with the new love in your life, or working at your new, enjoyable job, or whatever it is that you most desire.

Repeat the above exercise every day for a month. If you are able to listen to the music at night while laying in bed all the better. Go to sleep with the soothing music playing and a mind filled with beautiful pictures and love for everything and everybody and see how it not only improves the quality of your sleep but also helps to make your waking hours peaceful and tranquil too. Not only that, but you will find all kinds of other positive changes taking place in your life also as you begin to attract to yourself your heart's desire.

By listening to the music every day for a month it will have a very calming subliminal effect on your subjective mind, particularly if you leave it playing as you fall asleep at night. The subjective mind is the area of your mind where your dreams are formed and it uses imagery constantly and will associate the music with the beautiful images of Nature you have been watching in the video while listening to it, and will give you beautiful night dreams, and it is well know that the quality of your dreams at night have a very big effect on your moods throughout the day.

Also, by having the music gently playing as you form pictures in your imagination of the thing you desire to attract into your life as you fall asleep, the subconscious phase of your mind, which is the most powerful area of your mind and is in fact part of the Universal Mind of Nature or God-Mind, will have all night long to work on ways and means to bring you your heart's desire.   

You will find lots of other useful techniques to help you along your way to a more fulfilling life in our free audio/ebook "Realization". Click here now to download it.

Please take a moment to share this video with others. If you consider that more than 166 million people have watched a video on YouTube of a little boy called Charlie biting his brother's finger, which has probably done not an ounce of good for the welfare of the viewers or the betterment of the world, and then imagine how much good it will do for the world if even a small fraction of that number were to view the above video. Hopefully that will be enough to motivate you to spend a minute or two in sharing it with your friends and loved ones. You may be helping them more than you can possibly imagine.

Realize that your own individual mind is an integral part of the Universal Mind that inspired this website as a method of bringing blessings into the lives of people the world over, and that you now have the opportunity to share this blessing with your friends and loved ones and in so doing multiply it.

Those who do take the time to share this web page with others using the form below will get to view another equally beautiful and inspiring video, and will receive a special free gift as well in the form of an excellent, inspirational audio presentation entitled: "Living Heaven on Earth - Choosing the Life I Live," based on Emmet Fox's classic book "The Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life."

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