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Warning: The Following Could Change Your Life Forever!

You can be what you want to be; you can possess the things you desire; you can accomplish the things you wish to accomplish; you can make your dreams come true!

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.Religion and Psychology United

T0 Redeem the World From Poverty, Sickness, Failure,
Sin, Disappointment and Unhappiness

The Redeeming Truth is Free


A personal message from Raymond E. Smith (publisher of "The Realization System" and founder of www.realizationsystem.com):

Whether you are aware of it or not, a time of great change is upon us. You and I are privileged to be living in a time in this planet's history in which the Greatest Discovery the world has ever known is going to become common knowledge to a great many people the world over.

Thanks to the power of the Internet we are now able to get a life-changing message of immeasurable importance across to millions of people all over the world who are presently struggling through a life dominated by fear, worry and uncertainty.

At last we have a union of the two greatest forces for good the world has ever knowna union of Religion and scientific Psychologya union the far-reaching importance of which is only beginning to dawn upon the civilized world.

Science, cold, merciless, and exact in its knowledge, has confirmed and clarified the fundamental tenets of Religion, and has revealed its findings in terms of such simplicity that anyone of just ordinary intelligence may apply them. The promises of Jesus may now be fulfilled in the lives and affairs of men and women everywhere.

The first great requirement is that we believe there actually is an Intelligent Power that really responds to us and we can use It so that good will flow out in all directions and, as Jesus intimated, return to us a hundredfold.

Here is where science, religion, faith, and prayer can combine. Let us just think of spiritual Power as a natural law and let us think of faith and prayer as the right way to use this law. Prayer is our communion with the Spirit, and faith is our definite acceptance that through this communion there is a response to us and to others according to our belief. Desire is prayer, and we pray aright when there is nothing in our desires that can hurt anyone. We pray aright when our desires are unselfish; this does not mean that we exclude ourselves but that we include others.


Whilst Jesus proclaimed in the days of old that he was the mouthpiece and messenger of God, and came to "preach good tidings unto the meek; to bind up the broken-hearted; to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; to comfort all that mourn; to give unto them--beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness," widely-famed psychologist, Judge Daniel A. Simmons, claims only to give voice to the knowledge gathered from many sources through scientific research, which knowledge he brings to a focus of simple practical application for the redemption of men and women from disappointment, sick­ness, failure, worry, fear, poverty and unhappiness.


FREEPower To Get The Things You Desire—FREE


Knowledge Is Power. Truth Brings Freedom

Judge Simmons' simple and clearly written message entitled "Realization", contains the truths that are enabling so many people all over the world to transform their lives, to effect miraculous cures of diseases, to increase their incomes, to possess the things they desire, and to attain happiness. Our files are teem­ing with documentary evidence of all these things. A single reading of this remarkable message has in many instances been sufficient to cause the light of liberating truth to burst upon the reader with the clearness of the noon-day sun, sweeping all doubts and misgivings before it and leaving in their stead a sense of peace and se­curity. This message, "Realization," is entirely free to all who request it.

Not Everyone Is Prepared To Receive The Message

Even as some men doubted the teachings of Jesus, so today we have some who are not prepared to receive the findings of modern science that corroborate, explain, and apply his teachings. But to him who is ready the mes­sage is free.

The disease-ridden and poverty-enthralled human race is not yet fully accustomed to this voice crying forth its glad message in the wilderness of the world's sorrow and disap­pointment. And the author of the message, Judge Simmons does not pretend that his message is anything other than a voice—the voice of the God-Self that dwells in you, dear reader of this web page, and urges you on to higher achievements, more abundant success, and a nobler, happier life. That God-Self within you never sleeps. It is timeless, and changeless, and deathless, and abundantly able to give you every desire of your heart.
If some unknown and irresponsible person should come proclaiming deliverance from sick­ness, poverty, worry and unhappiness, one might be warranted in paying little or no attention to him. But when Judge Simmons first published his Realization Message he was neither unknown nor irresponsible. For many years he was one of the Judges of the highest and most important trial courts in his State of Florida. With an international reputation as a Psychologist and Psycho-Analyst, and author of several notable scientific works,including "The Science of Religion," "How to Live a Healthy Life," "The Psychology of Charm," and "Practical Psychology,"over many years, through his books and magazine articles, he has introduced a great many men and women to their indwelling God-Selves, thereby enabling them to heal practically all man­ner of stubborn diseases, to achieve success, to go to the top in business and professional life, to attain love and happiness, and to come into a state of peaceful assurance which passes understanding. We have a great mass of documentary proof of all of these accomplishments, and here are some comments from just a few Realization System students:

"I am definitely making progress. I feel greater power in myself."


"I have gained more calmness and greater confidence in myself and the future."


"The results are marvelous. I am improving in health every day."


"There has been a wonderful improvement in my health."


"I cannot list the many wonderful things your teachings have done for me."

"I have a different frame of mind altogether, and I am looking forward to the future with enthusiasm and confidence."


"I can report progress; fear and worry are things of the past and my outlook for the future is much brighter."

"My feeling of restlessness, anxiety and of impending evil has gone altogether, and I am looking forward to a complete change in my habits, actions and thought."


"My health has improved. My self-confidence has increased. I was afflicted with a tendency to worry about the future, but it has about left me. My business is showing an increase."

"I cannot tell you how thankful I am to you for your wonderful System of teaching the truths which are our innermost life. I feel that the great good which they have already done to me and mine is only the beginning. I am seventy-two years old, but my health was never so good. My hearing is somewhat better, and I expect it to 'grow better and better,' until it is entirely normal."


"I have used your healing formula and it has cured me of sick headaches and stomach troubles. My eyes are much better."

"I tried the formula and I felt as if a heavy weight was lifted from me. I was amazed. I can honestly say I have never felt tired since. How I wish I had known about these Lessons sooner."


"My whole attitude to life has changed. Before I started these studies I was always discontented, restless, pessimistic, bored and unhappy. Now I have a great peace within me, a feeling of expectancy—as if something quite wonderful is just around the corner. My powers of observation have greatly improved. I find life an extremely exciting and fascinating thing."


"My timidity has completely disappeared, and I move with the greatest of ease in all walks of life. I am much more sympathetic towards the feelings of others than I have ever been. I get a lot of praise—well deserved, of course—from everyone at work; and it feels good to hear others remark on my perpetual cheeriness. This Course has opened new fields to my reach."


"Your Course is indeed wonderful. I have been able to achieve success in the General Certificate of Education. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

The Truth That Sets Us Free Will Cost You Nothing

Realization is to psychology what faith is to religion. Knowing a thing intellectually is one thing, but actually REALIZING it is something quite different. Likewise, professing a religious faith is one thing, and putting that faith to practical use is another. Faith without works is dead, and without true realization there can be little or no real, living faith.

Best-selling books such as "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Secret" tell of a great truth that the majority of the world is quite unaware of, but what these type of books do not provide is precise formulas, methods and techniques which the average person can use right away to attract into their life the things they most desire.  

Life can be a challenge and we all must take chances to learn as we grow. If we are frightened to step out and take chances then we will never reach our destiny in life, nor will we realize our goals. Unfortunately it is that very fear that often keeps us from achieving our goals. The fear of failure keeps us in bondage while the Truth sets us free, and the truth is that you have within you undreamed of latent powers of achievement which you can learn to draw upon to bring you your heart's desires.

Here is just some of what you will learn by reading and listening to the "Realization" eBook and audio:

*  How to Develop Confidence

     *  How to Improve Your Concentration

*  How to Overcome Fear and Worry

*  How to Develop Your Memory    

*  Important Steps in Goal Setting

*  How to Get Everything You Want in Life

     *  How to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

The "Realization" Audio/eBook will set you on the fast track to an abundant, healthier and prosperous future, and the best part is it will not cost you even a single cent! That's right, it's yours completely free of charge if you act now.

Click here to download.

Enjoy all the good things of life—a fine home, an automobile, business success, fame in any chosen life work, wealth, friend­ship, love, health and every true happiness.

All these things can easily, quickly be secured by anyone who knows and makes use of the marvelous Realization truths .... and now you can obtain the
startling Realization Message absolutely FREE.

The Realization Message has meant to thousands of people in every walk of life the difference between poverty and wealth, failure and success, illness and health, loneliness and loved com­panionship, sorrow and com­plete happiness.

It is the culmination of years of research and study by Judge Simmons,—a man who discovered how to enjoy the greatest of suc­cess in his professional and pri­vate life.

Reveals Astonishing Discovery

Judge Simmons' amazing Realiza­tion Message reveals an astonishing discovery made by great scientists, and heretofore occasionally stumbled upon, more or less by chance, by just ordinary men and women, who, through its use, have become geniuses of commerce, government, in­vention, literature, art, music, etc. It is a discovery,  you, or anyone, may easily apply.

Fulfills Every Desire

It drives from the mind the wor­ries, fears and envies that hold one back as by bands of steel. It sub­stitutes a simple, readily applied system that enables you to be anything you want to be, have anything you desire, and accomplish anything not in violation of natural law that you wish to accomplish.

The remarkable Realization Message is written in lan­guage anyone can understand. It gives specific, down-to-earth informa­tion regarding a power everyone pos­sesses but not one in thousands knows how to use beneficially.

Realization Message explains how this power is set free by you to aid you to everything in life you desire, not some time in the distant future, but starting right NOW.

You will find the Message so simple, logical and practical, it will be invaluable to you from the very minute you first make use of its teachings.

Has Benefited Thousands

The same Realization Message which you can receive free has swept people in every section of the USA and in other coun­tries from a whirlpool of defeated hopes and ambitions to the heights of success, health and happiness.

Possibly you have sought before for all those things which make life worth living, and you may think too much is promised of the Realization Message; but in justice to yourself, in fairness to the welfare of you and yours,
click here to download it, and see for yourself!

Act Now! Prove It!

Prove, prove, PROVE how much the Realization Message can mean to your life. Convince yourself of its great importance to you.

If you knew, as we know, what this same Message has accomplished for others, nothing on earth could keep you from getting this free audio/ebook this very instant.
Act! You risk nothing and have ALL to gain!


Here's How to Get Started:

They say that the best things in life are free, and this is no exception! To get the excellent REALIZATION audio/ebook free of charge click here and within minutes you will be reading and listening to its life-transforming message.

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